ECM Course Overview

m Essentials for College Math

Essentials for college Math provides students an in-depth study of modeling and applying functions. This course revisits the topic learned in Math 1, 2, and 3 and strengthens the students math skills to ready them for entry level college mathematics.  Linear, Quadratic, Polynomial, Rational, Logarithmic, and Trigonometric functions will be explored and applied to real world situations.  Students will learn to find solutions to real world problems and explain their solutions in the context of the problem.  This class is intended for college bound juniors and seniors, and gives them the opportunity to review and strengthen their math knowledge and application. 


Tests 45%
Quizzes 35%
CW/HW 20%


            NINE WEEKS:

Tests 45%
Quizzes 35%
CW/HW 20%


A.     We will have a quiz at the end of each lesson

B.     We will have at least one test for every unit

C.     If you are absent on the day of a quiz or test, arrangements should be made with me to make up the quiz or test within 3 days, before or after school.  If the test or quiz is not made up, it will be averaged into your grade as a zero. 




A.     Homework is a learning tool that is expected to be completed each day, on time. 

B.     If you are present in class, you are responsible for turning in your homework, on time.

C.     If you have an excused absence, you will have three days to complete and turn in all make up work before it becomes a zero.

Final Exam:  The final exam for this course is a Teacher Made Exam.  For most students completing this course and the final exam with a passing score are required for graduation.  Senior year is a busy one so it is important that all work is completed when assigned and makeup work is completed as soon as you return from an absence.