AP USH Schedule
Advanced Placement United States History

AP US History Course Schedule, Revised, 8/24/17

NOTE!  Keep up with this schedule!  This is your guide to what is expected of you each day in class, whether you are present or not!  I will also post a copy of this schedule in the classroom, but it is your responsibility to make sure that you are on schedule.

NOTE!  Complete the indicated assignment for the class day indicated below, and be prepared for the essay exam on the assigned material on the date indicated.

Key to Abbreviations Below:

    RSG = Red, Paper-back Reading Study Guide companion to the Americans textbook.

    Kennedy = American Pageant, 16th Edition
    Here is a brief guide to the Concepts, Terms and Nomenclature that Drive AP US History.  Check it out.  

   *see the RSG Assessment Index for all of the possible exam prompts.

   *see the Course Policies Page for study / preparation strategies and information about re-tests.
Kennedy Course Segment (9/18/17-4/7/18)




Assignment / Assessment

M, 12/4

Chapter 20: Social and Economic History of the Civil War

Civil War Notes

Sticky Term Exam 20
Kennedy Index Chapters 17-22


Writing Lesson: Synthesis Arguments



Disloyalty During Wartime

Essay Exam 20


Economic Hardships



NO SCHOOL (snow day)

Since we will not meet in class today, please follow the instructions in the next column.  I also invite you to watch this documentary called "Death in the Civil War" which is a great cap stone for Chapter 20.  I especially want you to see the first 30 minutes.  

DBQ Exam (War Aims)
Please write this DBQ as a take-home exam.  You all have the documents already, and here is a handout full of helpful hints and reminders. I will collect your essay together with your outline on Monday.  Don't put this off, I want you to be prepared for the Term Exam on Monday too :)  

M, 12/11

Chapter 21: The Civil War

Sticky Term Exam 21


Bull Run to Antietam



Turning Points: EP, Gettysburg and Vicksburg

Essay Exam 21


Sherman and Grant



Appomattox and Lincoln’s Legacy

DBQ Exam 21

M, 12/18

Chapter 22: Reconstruction

Sticky Term Exam 22


Reconstruction Amendments and the Freedmen

Essay Exam 22

T, 1/2

Chapter 23: The Gilded Age
Happy Holidays... here's your gift:
The AP US History Gilded Age Cheat Sheet

Sticky Term Exam 23
Kennedy Index 23-28


Chapter 23

Essay Exam 23
(prompts 1*, 2 and 4 only)
*I strongly suggest that you use the Gilded Age Cheat Sheet as a study tool for prompt 1.


Chapter 24



Chapter 24

Sticky Term Exam 24

M, 1/8

NO SCHOOL (snow day)
Please note that I have shifted the assignments for Monday and Tuesday of this week.  I am at school today, so if you would like to exercise a re-test and can get here safely, please take advantage of this opportunity to improve your average.

Be safe, and use this day to get prepared for the week ahead (Chapter 25 and 26) and your exams.   

At-Home Assignment :)

You get an extra day to prepare for the Chapter 25 TE - hooray.  Please pay attention to the essay prompts too... this is the key to recognizing the context.

Please watch this 1st episode of Men Who Built America and be prepared to discuss.  If you like it, you may watch more episodes... it's entertaining.   


Chapter 25

Sticky Term Exam 25


Chapter 25 
The Gilded Age: New Immigration, Urbanization and the New South (early civil rights efforts)

Essay Exam 25


Chapter 26: The Plains Indians

Sticky Term Exam 26


Chapter 26: Agrarian Radicalism and 1896

Essay Exam 26

T, 1/16

Chapter 27: American Imperialism

Sticky Term Exam 27


Chapter 27: Spanish-American War

SNOW DAY ASSIGNMENT: Please write Chapter 27, prompt 1 as a take home essay due on the day we return.  You may also write Chapter 27 prompt 4 as an extra credit essay - that extra credit will be applied to your final mark for 1st semester.

This is another great opportunity to catch up on re-tests.  If you don't know which chapters you need, send me an email and I will respond within a few hours.  

Essay Exam 27 (take home)

The link I provided for the cartoon in prompt 2 is not working... so here it is.

If you want to watch something really cool, check out this documentary on the 1918 Influenza Epidemic (scary).

If you want to see how the story of the Plain Indians turned out, watch We Shall Remain, Episode 5.


Chapter 28: Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal

Progressive Era Study Guide  
USE THIS... It's helpful!

SNOW DAY ASSIGNMENT: Please be prepared for TE 28 on Friday.  Depending on tomorrow's schedule, I may eliminate EE 28 or ask you to do an essay exercise with one or more of those prompts as a take-home assignment.  In addition to reading Chapter 28 and preparing for that Term Exam, I want you to watch this episode of The Century: America's Time.  It's actually very good... you will enjoy it.  I will ask you two short-essay questions about this episode as part of your next exam.   

I am at school today, but Enka Lake Rd is about 90% covered as of 9 am... so I would not advise you to attempt it.  But if you can get here safely, I am available to help with re-tests. Don't let this golden opportunity pass you by to improve your average - it's very hard to explain to your parents why you earned a D on your transcript when you left 3-4 re-test opportunities (that you earned!) un-exercised.  Avoid this conversation by using your time wisely.

Sticky Term Exam 28

Short Essay Items on Episode 1: The Century: America's Time.


Chapter 28: Trust Busting and RR Regulation

SNOW DAY ASSIGNMENT: Be prepared for TE 28 on Monday. Please write EE 28, prompt 1 as a take-home essay due on the day we return.  When you outline and write that essay, I would also like you to use prompt 3 as your synthesis argument (conclusion paragraph).  I also want to watch the next episode of The Century... it's about WW1.

Please note that I have shifted TE 28 to Monday, and TE 29 will be on Tuesday.  So plan ahead, and be prepare for both.

I am at school today.  If you can get here safely, I am glad to help with re-tests.  Lecturing to an empty room is beginning to get tedious.   

Essay Exam 28 (take home)

Watch Episode 2, The Century: America's Time

M, 1/22e

Chapter 28: TR's Square Deal

Sticky Term Exam 28


Chapter 29: Taft and Wilson
The Progressive Era Matures

Sticky Term Exam 29
Kennedy Index 29-36




Assignment / Assessment

M, 10/16

Chapter 9: The Awkward 1780s

Kennedy Index 9-16
Sticky Term Exam 9


Articles of Confederation



Chapter 9: The Constitution and Ratification Debate 

Essay Exam 9
Seminar: The Federalist Papers


Neutrality and Quasi War



Chapter 10: Washington Leads a New Nation

Sticky Term Exam 10

M, 10/23

Chapter 11: Jeffersonian Restraint

Sticky Term Exam 11


Embargo or O-Grab-Me?



Chapter 11: Louisiana Purchase

Essay Exam 11


Precarious Neutrality



Chapter 11: Jefferson’s Legacy

DBQ Practice 11 on
Prompt #3

M, 10/30

Chapter 12: “Mr. Madison’s War”

Sticky Term Exam 12


Treaty of Ghent and the West



Chapter 12: Age of Nationalism

Essay Exam 12


Chief Justice John Marshall



The Nationalist Agenda Exposed!

DBQ Exam 12

M, 11/6

Chapter 13: Jacksonian Democracy

Sticky Term Exam 13


The Bank War



Chapter 13: Indian Removal

Essay Exam 13


The Market Revolution and Early Industrialization

Jackson on Trail
Demagogue or Populist?


No School


M, 11/13

Chapter 14: “Economic Take-Off”

Sticky Term Exam 14


Chapter 15: The Age of Reform



The Second Great Awakening

Essay Exam 15 (prepare for prompt #1 only)


Slavery and the Ante-Bellum South



Social History of the mid-19th Century

Essay Exam 16 (prepare for prompt #1 only)

M, 11/20

Chapter 17: Manifest Destiny

Sticky Term Exam 17
Kennedy Index 17-22


The Consequences of Victory

Essay Exam 17


Thanksgiving Break



Chapter 18: Sectionalism and Compromise

Sticky Term Exam 18


Compromise of 1850

Essay Exam 18 (prepare for prompt #1 only)


Party Re-Alignment and “The Crime of Kansas”


Elections of 1856 and 1860

Sticky Term Exam 19


John Brown and the Coming Storm

Essay Exam 19



Assignment / Assessment

M, 9/18

Chapter 1

Sticky Term Exam 1
Sticky Term Explanation 
Kennedy Index 1-8


Essay Writing 101



Chapter 1: Spanish Exploration and Conquest

Essay Exam 1


The “Black Legend” and the “Stinking Weed” (tobacco)



Chapter 2: Early English Colonization

Sticky Term Exam 2

M, 9/25

Chapters 3: Our Puritan Heritage

Sticky Term Exam 3


New England and the Middle Colonies



The Colonial Adolescence

Essay Exam 3


Chapter 4: the English Colonies Mature



Expansion, Development, Confidence?

Essay Exam 4

M, 10/2

Chapter 5: Colonial Frontiers

Sticky Term Exam 5


Mercantilism or Tax Evasion?



Chapter 5: Growing Colonial Self-Sufficiency

Essay Exam 5


Imperial Duels and Frontier Battles



Chapter 6: The French and Indian War

Sticky Term Exam 6

M, 10/9

No School



Chapter 7: Rebellion! (Paine and Jefferson)

Sticky Term Exam 7


Chapter 7: Conflict and Independence
American Revolution Notes... read me!

Essay Exam 7


The Road to the American Revolution



Chapter 8: The American Revolution

Sticky Term Exam 8

RSG Course Segment (28 August - 15 September 2017)



In-Class Activity


M, 8/28

Course Introduction

Indigenous PeoplesPrimary Puzzle (1)

RSG Index 1-4


Chap 2: Early Spanish and English Colonization

RSG Chap 2 Exam


Chap 3: Colonial Period

American RevolutionPrimary Puzzle (4)

RSG Chap 3 Exam


Chap 5: The Early Republic

RSG Chap 5 Exam


Chap 6: Federalist Period and Jeffersonian Democracy

RSG Chap 6 Exam

T, 9/5

Chap 7: Nationalism and Jacksonian Democracy

Age of ReformPrimary Puzzle (8)

RSG Chap 7 Exam


Chap 9: Manifest Destiny

RSG Chap 9 Exam


Chap 10: Sectionalism and Secession

RSG Chap 10 Exam


Chap 11: Civil War

ReconstructionPrimary Puzzle (12)

RSG Chap 11 Exam

M, 9/11

Chap 13: The West

RSG Chap 13 Exam


Chap 14: Gilded Age Politics

New ImmigrationPrimary Puzzle (15)

RSG Chap 14 Exam


Chap 17: The Progressive Era

Early Civil RightsPrimary Puzzle (16)

RSG Chap 17 Exam


Chap 18: American Imperialism

RSG Chap 18 Exam


Chap 19: World War One

Roaring 1920sPrimary Puzzle (20)

RSG Chap 19 Exam

M, 9/18




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