Overview and Expectations


Pre-course Reading

Summer 2016

*All students must choose one book from the list.  It can be a classic or YA book.  As you read you must fill out the “Summer Reading Project Journal”.  This will be counted as a part of your grade.  

When you return to English class, your teacher will assign your final project. You will have three weeks to complete that project!  We suggest you use SMART Time to work with your teacher on this project!


**All Honors students must choose a second book to read from the CLASSIC list.  Each student will have to write a literary critique within the first two weeks of the beginning of the class.  Each grade level will have an appropriate prompt and rubric that correlates to the Common Core Standards for that class.  Students will receive instruction on how to write a literary critique prior to the assignment.


***AP students need to refer to either Miss Hooper’s webpage or Mrs. Holmes’ webpage for instructions.   


On the first day of school (for all students) you need to turn in notes that you took during reading.  These may be placed in a composition book or on notebook paper or you may print out the attached PDF form and fill out.

** Late notes will receive no higher than a 50.

While you read this summer keep track of:

(Make sure you are using text evidence!)

Characters:  Protagonist, antagonist, dynamic character, static character

Characterization- examples of direct characterization and indirect characterization





Symbols, motifs, themes

You will have to complete a project that you will work on during the first three weeks of class and SMART Time.  Students will receive these on the first day of class.  


Honors students have an additional task.  You must choose an additional book from the classic list.  You will have an in class, on demand writing on the 15th day of class.