Behavior and Conduct

JROTC is unlike any other of your student's classes. Some of the rules may seem a little odd at first, but as time progresses the student will adjust to follow them. Minor issues will be dealt with by the student flight commanders and their sergeant; any major conflicts will be dealt with by either Chief Eagle or Major Beaulieu.

Cadets are considered to be in a military training environment during class and all JROTC activities where military customs, courtesies, and common respect will be followed. JROTC does not change its standards to accommodate cadets. Cadets who want to do well are expected to improve their behavior and grooming standards to meet JROTC standards.

The nature of the AFJROTC mission, as well as its high visibility within the school and community, requires it members to adhere to higher standards than might be found among the student population. Inappropriate behavior, in or out of uniform, is prohibited while in participating in AFJROTC. This behavior includes, but is not limited to, consuming alcohol, drug abuse, tobacco use, horseplay, public displays of affection, fighting, disparaging remarks, insubordination, disrespect, bullying, verbal threats and physical attacks.