Wellness/ Physical Training(PT)

PT (physical training) is a way to keep cadets active and their morale up. Cadets are given the opportunity to put into practice the wellness concepts that are taught in Leadership Education 100.  We usually go outside once, perhaps twice, a week depending on weather. Safety is always a major concern.  Generally outdoor PT includes a game such as kickball, softball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, flicker ball, sharks and minnows, tennis court volleyball, and others. Indoor PT includes basketball, dodgeball, or other gym appropriate sports.  Additionally, cadets can expect to participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test (PFT) twice a semester.  The PFT typically consists of sit-ups, push-ups, the shuttle run, v-sit and reach, and the mile run.

Wellness/PT focuses on healthy lifestyles, games and leadership activities.  Cadets will have to wear an athletic-type shoe for activities; “flip-flops” are not acceptable for PT activities. PT grades are given for participation effort, not ability.

Cadets who will not participate in activities for the day will receive a “F” grade for PT. Participation is mandatory.  If there is a physical difficulty that prohibits your child from participating, please notify the JROTC instructors, so a compromise can be reached.  If a cadet does not participate on a regular basis, parents/guardians will be notified.