Creating a Food Blog

Creating a Blog

Mr. Draughon

Learning Targets:

I will be able to -

1. Define blog and describe its components
2. Create a Google site
3. Create a comment form and embed the response spreadsheet on my blog
4. Create a blog entry that reflects on your Foods I assignment

Important Links:

1. What is a Blog?
2. Google Drive
3. Food Blog Examples:
a. Baking Bites
b. The Roaming Kitchen
c. Glorious Treats
d. We Are Chefs

Blog Entry #1
1. You will create your first blog entry after completing your Foods Lab
2. Your first entry should be two, 5-7 sentence paragraphs and contain the following:
a. A picture that connects with your work in the food lab
b. A reflection on the final product as it compares to the expected outcome. What turned out well? How is your product the same as the expected outcome? Different? Describe its taste, aroma, texture.
c. A personal response to the lab - what did you find interesting? Did things go
as planned? How could you do things better during the next lab?
d. A link to another website that connects with your work in the lab

3. Your work will be evaluated with a rubric. Please review this document before and after you finish your entry.