Session Resources


  1. SMART Software Installation, SMART Hardware
  2. Toolbar, Screen Capture, Voki
  3. SMART Notebook Tutorial
  4. Activity Builder
  5. SMART Notebook Page Recorder 
  6. SMART Notebook Express
  7. SMART Exchange
  8. Magic Paper & YouTube Embed
  9. Two Minute Flipped PD Tutorial Video


Week 1: Face to Face (1 Hour)

Week 2: Toolbar, Screen Capture, Voki (1 Hour)

Week 3: SMART Notebook (1 Hour)

Week 4: SMART Activity Builder

Week 5: SMART Recorder (1 Hour)

Week 6: SMART Notebook (1 Hour)

  • SMART Notebook Express - This video gives instructions for opening a pre-made lesson from Smart Exchange in Smart Notebook Express.
  • SMART Notebook Express Sharing Tutorial - This video will be your primary guide for completing this week's task. It details how to share a SMART Notebook file from Google Drive, and then how students can access it from their own devices. TASK: Watch the two tutorial videos, find a lesson on SMART Exchange that aligns with your curriculum, download it to your google drive, and then share it with least one class of students. 

Week 7: Magic Paper & YouTube Video Embed (1 Hour)

  • Magic Paper I first heard of this technique from Kathy Bonyun, and I immediately liked it as a PD because it can be used in any subject are. TASK: Create a Magic Paper assignment in SMART Notebook.  
  • Embed YouTube VideoYour second task for PD #7 takes what you learned from the Voki assignment in PD #2, and applies it to YouTube, or anywhere you can find an embed code.  TASK: Embed a YouTube video into SMART Notebook.

Week 8: Inserting a Manipulative (1 Hour)

  • SMART Manipulative - This video will show you how to add a manipulative, 3D image or lesson from the SMART Exchange to your SMART Notebook assignments.  TASK: Add a manipulative to a lesson that you are creating.

Week 9: SMART Notebook Tutorial Video (2 Hours)

  • For your final assignment you need to create an original tutorial video that demonstrates at least five of the tasks you have learned during the course of this PD.  You may work individually or as a PLC for this assignment.  After completing your video, upload it to YouTube and share the video link and participants list with me.