Top Web Tools

This collection is our current list of top web tools for student use.  Websites on the list change periodically, but the reason for choosing a site always remains the same: to help students learn, review, organize, and create academic work.      


Evernote: Evernote allows users to digitally store notes, pictures and websites in organized categories.  Information can then be accessed from any device that is online.  Evernote works on multiple platforms and is free up to 60 MB per month. Similar to Google Keep or Microsoft One Note.  



PadletFormerly Wallwisher, Padlet offers teachers and students an interactive message board that works for real time brainstorming and research.  Add your favorite images, URL, or ideas to the page and watch as the Padlet grows. Padlet is similar to Linoit in function, but simplier to use.


Google Drive:  Whether writing an essay, creating a presentation, saving a photo, or making a form, Google Drive can help.  Best of all is that all of your created files or uploaded photos are saved online so that you can access them from anywhere that you have Internet access.  

Easely This web tool gives students the ability to take information and turn it into a striking visual representation of their learning. Students can create posters and share them with classmates - a great way to break out of the Power-Point rut! 

Piktochart: This infographic maker is easy to use and offers a wide variety of free images to use. The variety of templates is extensive, and the print and embed options make it easy to share or publish your finished project.  Great for faculty websites or student projects.