Disc Golf

 Hole 12Club Description: The Enka High School Disc Golf Club provides an opportunity for the students of Enka High School to promote and play disc golf. The club maintains an 18 hole course on the school campus that is sponsored by many local businesses. The club meets every Monday after school in the early release parking lot to play a round of disc golf. The faculty sponsor is math teacher Travis Hartley.  Mr. Hartley has played disk golf for years, but he readily admits that his colleague, Robbie Greene, is far better than him.

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Course Description: The Enka High School Disc Golf Course is an 18 hole course located on the school's beautiful campus. The course plays near and around the walking trail that is used by many community members. The course started as a six hole course designed and built by former student Mitchell Brooks as an eagle scout project. Two years later, Weaverville Elementary School donated 5 more baskets helping to make the course what it is today.

 The course has 11 baskets and 18 tee pads making an 18 hole course. Thanks to sponsorship from local businesses, the course now has signs for all 18 holes. The course is open to the public outside of school hours. Players will want to download and print the scorecard files which contain a course map. Please use caution and good judgment when playing the course. Pedestrians and other players are visible from the tee pads, so use patience when waiting for fairways to clear.

Directions: From I-40 take exit 44 and head South on NC 19/23 toward Enka High School. Go through a few lights and turn left at the light onto Sand Hill Rd. Turn right at the first light onto Enka Lake Rd. Turn left at the first light into Enka High School. Turn right toward the main office and park in the parking lot on the right. The first tee and 18th basket are near the parking lot.