Junior Classical League

Enka High School Junior Classical League

...Passing on the torch of classical civilization to the modern world...



             JCL stands for Junior Classical League (Latin Club) is one of the largest clubs at our school. JCL has been at Enka for several decades and is a nationally established club with members from thousands of schools across the country. We JCLers at Enka High School have attended State and National Conventions and competed in competitions like publicity, art competitions, academic testing, oratory, skits, dramatic interpretation, chariot races, Ultimate Frisbee, foot races, certamen, and spirit. We also sponsor the National Latin Honor Society for students of outstanding caliber in their Latin studies.

             At State Convention, Enka students have placed in many activities. At Nationals, we are grouped together with other Latin students from North Carolina and compete in similar competitions.

             As you can see, JCL is fun club that caters to any interest you can think of. We, the officers of JCL, hope that this year will be JCL's best year yet!