Enka's Student Body Council organizes many things for the school. We organize Homecoming, the Variety Show, Spirit Week, Sweetheart Court, and much more. We work hard to organize these events to entertain the students and to help our school.
Spirit Week
The week of Homecoming we have Spirit Week.  This is the week where we show our school spirit by dressing up for the specific days of the week.  The more school spirit we show the better!
Homecoming is one of the biggest things that SBC organizes. Homecoming has several parts to it, including the Homecoming Pep Rally which gets everyone pumped up for the football game.  Later, there is the Homecoming Court and the Homecoming Football Game.  After the game is the Homecoming Dance. There are couples represented from every grade.  It is an epic occurence.
SBC Retreat
The SBC Retreat is basically a party where everyone hangs out and gets to know each other. It is for people who are in the Student Body Council and First Period Representatives. We play games and do social and group activities. It is really fun and a great learning experience for the leaders in the school.
Canned Food Drive
The SBC Canned Food Drive is a charity event in which all the food collected will be donated to Manna Food Bank. The winning class gets prizes like a breakfast and gift certificates for a generous sum of $50. If that's not motivation I don't know what is!  Let's collect those cans!
Adopt a Family
Adopt a Family is a charity event in which we raise money (coins, etc.) to help those in need. Each hallway will receive a tree in which they will get stars, ornaments, and other things based on how much money was raised. It is for 4th period classes only and all proceeds go to charity.
Sweetheart Court
The Sweetheart Court is a tradition at Enka where a boy and girl from each grade are voted on to represent their respective classes. The Sweetheart Court Representatives are announced at the half time of the boys Varsity basketball game and the Sweetheart King and Queen are announced at the end.
Variety Show
The Variety Show at Enka is most certainly one of our school's biggest attractions of the year. Performers from all grade levels come together for two nights to show case just a small portion of our school's talent. The performers are judged by teachers from our school and the top three are given ribbons to signify their amazing performing abilities.
School Dances
School dances are a chance for students to spend some time after school with their friends and get their groove on. The dances are normally after the Homecoming game and the Sweetheart Court game and last until midnight.
Elections are at the very heart of Student Body Council.There are no requirements for students to run for a class office, but to run for an executive office students must be in Leadership class for one semester prior to running. All students are encouraged to run for an office and help make our school a better place. In order to listen to candidate speeches students must register to vote in the cafeteria in April.