Uniform Wear

Uniform wear is a required part of the AFJROTC program. Cadets must maintain a hairstyle, personal appearance, and behavior in accordance with Air Force standards. Cadets wear the blue uniform for one school day each week, normally on Tuesdays. If a cadet fails to wear the uniform on Tuesday, they can wear it Thursday or Friday without a penalty grade. If a cadet is absent on a uniform wear day they may wear it the day they return with no grade reduction.  Be advised that uniform wear is Mandatory.

Cadets will be required to wear the uniform according to the standards below. Exceptions to the grooming/uniform standards will be for medical or religious reasons only and require parent/guardian documentation.  The current standards are:

FEMALES: Hair may not extend below the bottom edge of the collar or protrude over the forehead in front of worn headgear.  Hair longer than the bottom of the collar must be tied back in a bun at the back of the head, low enough to not interfere with worn headgear.  Hair may not exceed three inches in bulk regardless of length.  Hair must be natural color; any hair ties used to keep up long hair must be the same color as the hair.  Facial or tongue piercings are not allowed while in class in uniform.  Only one set of conservative, small, spherical earrings of gold, silver, or pearl may be worn in each earlobe; they must fit tightly without extending below the lobe.  No cartilage piercings are allowed while in uniform.  Conservative cosmetics and fingernail polish (clear, traditional red or French manicure) are allowed.  Finger nails cannot extend beyond ¼ inch beyond the end of the finger.  Body piercings or ornamentation (including tongue piercings) will not be visible in uniform.

MALES: Hair cannot touch the ears or collar and must have a tapered appearance on sides and back.  Hair will not exceed 1¼ in bulk regardless of length, be of natural color, and will not protrude in front of worn headgear.  Faddish hairstyles (shaved, Mohawk, etc.) are not allowed.  Facial or tongue piercings are not allowed at any time while in class when in uniform. Males may not wear earrings while in uniform.  Male cadets will be clean shaven.  Sideburns (if worn) will be neatly trimmed and tapered in the same manner as the haircut, not extending below the ear opening, and will end in a horizontal line (not flared or pointed).  Moustaches (if worn) will not extend below the lip line or be wider than the corners of the mouth.  Body piercings or ornamentation (including tongue piercings) will not be visible in uniform.

If the uniform is not worn before the next uniform inspection the cadet will receive a zero and lose their opportunity to earn the Dress and Appearance ribbon.  Cadets who do not wear their uniform will be counseled and their grade will suffer.

Cadets who receive two zeros for not wearing the uniform will receive no higher than an overall “D” for the course and removed from the program for at least a semester. Cadets who receive three or more zeros may receive an overall “F” and permanently removed from JROTC.

Uniforms must be kept clean and in good condition during the year. Uniforms must be professionally cleaned and returned with the dry cleaning bag and receipts/tags.