Prom Section
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Prom 2020
will now be on Thursday,
June 4, 2020

at the
 Deerpark Restaurant 
on the
Biltmore Estate.
Step Into a Night In The Roaring 20's
Guest Information:
Guest registration dates for Prom 2020 are:

March 2nd - March 31st

All FF's must be made up before a guest may be registered. All guests must be registered and approved. 

A guest is defined as anybody who is not a Junior or a Senior at Enka.
  • Guests must be enrolled in another licensed home school program, public, or private high school.
  • Guests must be a 10th, 11th or 12th grader from any public, private or licensed home school. No freshmen are allowed to attend.
  • Guests must be a high school graduate and be under the age of 21 or...
  • Guests must have obtained a valid GED and be under the age of 21.
  • Documentation must be provided with the Prom Guest Sheet (Driver's License/Birth Certificate)

Ticket Sales:

Prom 2020 ticket price is:  $70

Prom 2020 tickets will be on sale

April 13th - April 17th

All FF's must be made up before tickets may be purchased


  • The free ticket list from magazine sales will soon be posted on the Junior Class bulletin board. If you receive a free ticket you will need to fill out a ticket order form to claim your ticket during regular ticket  sales 

Dress Code:

  • Gentlemen must wear at least a sport coat, matching dress shirt, matching tie, matching full length dress slacks and matching dress shoes will be required.
  • Ladies must follow the thumb rule. (See below)

Ladie's Dress Thumb Rule:

  • Step 1: Hook your thumbs under your armpits.
  • Step 2: With your thumbs still 'hooked' under your armpits, bring your other fingers across your chest so they are touching. Elbows will be parallel to the floor. Nothing should dip below this line.
  • Strapless gowns are acceptable.
  • Open-back gowns are acceptable, but can be no lower than the bottom of the rib cage.
  • Side-slits must meet the 'finger-tip' rule, including side 'cut-outs.'
  • Gowns revealing midriffs will not be allowed. No mesh or see-through fabric is allowed at the midriff.
If there is any doubt about meeting dress code rules, please bring your dress to Mrs. Robinson, Ms. Crowe, or Ms. Gosnell for approval. Students who do not meet dress code will not be allowed to enter the Prom.