Agricultural Education


Agricultural Education is a systematic program of instruction available to students
desiring to learn about the science, business and technology of plant and animal
production and/or about the environmental and natural resources systems.

Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of
informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources systems.
Agricultural Education prepares students for more than 300 careers in the agricultural
industry including production, financing, processing, marketing and distribution of
agricultural products. Agricultural Education develops leaders for the vast network of
supporting careers that provide the supplies, services, management and conservation
of our natural resource systems.

EHS Instructors:
Kevin Franklin
Mikayla Beysher

 Agriculture Education

 Course #  Course Name
 AU10  Agriscience Applications
 AS31   Agricultural Mechanics I
 AS32  Agricultural Mechanics II*
 AP41   Horticulture I
 AP42  Horticulture II*
 Animal Science I
 Animal Science II*
 AA23  Animal Science II* - Small Animals
 CS95  CTE Advanced Studies
 CS97  CTE Internship
 2nd Level Courses

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Cluster

Foundational Prerequisite



Career Pathway Major


AS31 Agricultural Mechanics I

AS32 Agricultural Mechanics II

CTE Advanced Studies

CTE Internship


AA21 Animal Science I (H)

AA22 Animal Science II (H)
AA23 Animal Science II - Small Animals


AP41 Horticulture I (H)

AP42 Horticulture II (H)

Supplemental Technical Ag Course

AU10 Agriscience Applications (H)


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