Narron, Jake

Jake Narron

 Mr. Narron (Mrs. Narron not pictured) Hello!  My name is Jake Narron and I teach Earth/Environmental and Physical Science here at Enka High School.  I attended Appalachian State University where I received a Bachelor's of Science in Physics, Secondary Education.  I graduated from A.C. Reynolds High School, but I am now very proud to be a Jet!

I moved back to Asheville in 2017 after living in Salisbury, NC.  I wanted to return to my home in the mountains so I could be closer to my family.  I love science, and I feel that it is important for all students to have a natural curiosity about the world they live in.  

As I mentioned, the two classes I specialize in here at Enka are Earth and Physical Science.

Earth/Environmental Science focuses on the processes that affect the world we live in, from motion around the sun, to analyzing weather, oceans and ocean currents, as well as the rock cycle.  More importantly however, this class discusses the effects that we as humans have on these various systems.

Physical Science gives students an introduction to both chemistry and physics, and fulfills the "physical science" requirement to graduate.  In the chemistry portion we discuss elements and matter that we interact with daily.  In the physics portion of the class we learn about forces, motion, energy, waves, and electricity.

More About Me:
When I am not at school I enjoy hiking, hunting, and fishing in our beautiful mountains.  I love to drive on the parkway, and I enjoy discovering new trails.  I also am an active member of my church, where I play guitar and sometimes bass.  I am a car enthusiast, and I have a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro that is in the middle of a restoration.  Over the past couple of years I have enjoyed watching Bob Ross episodes online, and I even decided to try painting myself!