Vocabulary 17

English 1 standard
Void (noun) - an empty space
Ritual (noun) - a ceremonial act or series of acts
Devious (adjective) - shifty, not straightforward
Contend (verb) - to compete
Succumb (verb) - to give up or give in; to yield
Preeminently (adverb) - above all; most importantly
Unrelenting (adjective) - not stopping or weakening
Comply (verb) - to obey another's command, request, rule, or wish
Aloof (adjective) - at a distance, feeling apart
Maxim (noun) - a common saying
English 1 honors

Quaint (adj) - unusual or old fashioned in a pleasant way
Ubiquitous (adj) - present or seemingly present; always everywhere  
Jovial (adj) - cheerful, friendly, jaunty
Sympathy (n) - feelings of pity or sorrow for someone else's misfortune
Agastopia (n) - admiration for a particular part of someone's body
Tediously (adv) - in a tiresome or long way or manner
Shoddily (adv) - in a poor quality or bad way
Vex (v) - to make someone feel annoyed or frustrated
Eradicate (v) - to destroy completely
Ricochet (v) - to rebound or bounce back
Boggle (v) - to be astonished or overwhelmed