Vocabulary 15

English 1 standard
Aberration (n) - something out of the ordinary, off track
Perpetrate (v) - to do something illegal
Provocation (n) - action or speech that annoys someone
Pilgrimage (n) - going to a shrine or sacred place
Cleave (v) - to cut (in half)
Perplexed (adj) - a feeling of not understanding
Obstreperous (adj) - noisy and difficult to control
Peril (n) - a feeling of danger
Apoplectic (adj) - overcome with anger
Subdue (v) - to bring under control

English 1 honors
Mortify (v) - to weaken someone or something, both emotionally or physically
Loathe (v) - to despise greatly
Menace (v) - to threaten
Retract (v) - to take back, to draw back
Revile (v) - criticizing in an abusive or angrily insulting way
Surmise (v) - assuming without evidence
Empower (v) - to give someone the authority/power to do something
Appease (v) - to relieve or to satisfy, to pacify (pacifier)
Exploit (v) - to make full use of
Abhor (v) - to find something disgusting or repugnant