Vocabulary 13


Contrary (adj) - in conflict with other things
Knead (v) - to work or press into a mass using hands
Ambiguous (adj) - open to interpretation of meaning
Zealous (adj) - eager, devoted
Audacity (n) - the willingness to take bold risks
Despise (v) – to regard with contempt 
Obviate (v) – to counter or prevent by effective measures 
Preempt (v) – to take or get hold of before someone else
Reconcile (v) - to bring back into harmony or agreement
Pare (v) – to cut away
Romp (v) – to run, play, frolic in a carefree way 
Efface (v) -- to remove or to rub out 
Quell (v) – to put a stop to (often with force), as in to put down a rebellion or sudden event
Solemnly (adv) - in a sad or grave mood
Vex (v) – to annoy or to irritate