Vocabulary 12

English 1 & 3
Besiege (v) – to harass (by requesting/asking a lot)
Saturate (v) – to become thoroughly soaked
Joggle (v) – to move or shake slightly
Juke (v) – to move in a zigzag fashion
Justify (v) – to make legitimate
Kindle (v) – to ignite, to catch fire, to stir up
Addle (v) – to make confused
Tantalize (v) – to tempt or to tease, often by holding out of one’s reach  
Keelhaul (v) – to drag someone (usually under a ship as punishment)
Intone (v) – to utter or recite in monotone
Absorb (v) – to take in
Philosophize (v) – to think deeply about a big issue
Necessitate (v) – to make necessary
Migrate (v) – to move from place to place
Maunder (v) – to speak incoherently