Vocabulary 11

English 1 & 2

Copious (adj) - plentiful
Miniscule (adj) - extremely small
Recluse (n) - a person that avoids mixing with others
Annihilate (v) - to completely destroy
Unanimous (adj) - being in complete agreement
Duplicate (v) - to make an identical copy of something, to repeat something
Pacify (v) - to ease the anger of or agitation of something
Lucid (adj) - easy to understand, very clear 
Aptitude (n) - natural ability 
Lax (adj) - careless, not diligent, not careful 
Ardent (adj) - passionate

Dearth (adj) - a lack of something, scarce supply
Exacerbate (v) - to increase the severity, violence, or bitterness of something
Innocuous (adj) - having no adverse effect, harmless
Acrimonious (adj) - Bitter, sharp, harsh, especially speech or behavior