Vocabulary 2

English 1
Interminable (adj) - seemingly endless
Improbable (adj) - unlikely to take place or be true
Adjourn (v) - to break off with the intention of resuming it later
Cynical (adj) - bitterly distrusting
Muddle (v) - to disorder or confuse
Unsullied (adj) – untouched, unused
Indigenous (adj) – belonging to a certain region or country
Secede (v) – to break away
Sojourn (n) – a brief visit
Gravely (adv) – seriously
Persevere (v) – to carry on in spite of difficulties 
Melancholy (adj.) – sad and gloomy
Benign (adj) – kind, gentle; not dangerous
Procure (v) – to get something
Malevolent (adj) – evil
English 2
Pacifist (n) - someone who is against war and violence
Nemesis (n) - an opponent that cannot be beaten
Assail (v) - to attack violently
Demise (n) - death; the end
Petulant (adj) - childish, sulky, bad-tempered
Rebuke (v) - to criticize
Vanquish (v) - to defeat someone in battle
Elaborate (adj) - complex, detailed, complicated
Melancholy (adj.) – sad and gloomy
Bereave (v) - to mourn the loss of something or someone
Inane (adj) - pointless; silly
Insolently (adv) - in an insulting, rude way
Degenerate (adj) - having inferior or undesirable moral qualities
Wary (adj) - watchful; cautious
Rouse (v) - to awaken