TKAM 6 questions

1)      We're starting to hear Atticus and Uncle Jack talk more about the trial. Give a specific example of foreshadowing from the text, something that tells you what will likely happen.

2)      Write one paragraph using complete sentences about your favorite character so far. Give two specific examples from the text for why this person is your favorite character.

3)      Read the final sentence of chapter 9. Explain in your own words what it means and why it might be important in the story.

4)      Who is the narrator and what is the point of view for TKAM? First person? Third person?

5)      The title refers to a proverb about not killing mockingbirds because they only live to sing. This will serve as a metaphor for readers. Who do you think will be compared to a mockingbird? Why do think this? Use ACES to answer.

6)      What is author Harper Lee's tone towards Atticus Finch? How do we know what she thinks of this character? Use ACES to answer.