SSR essay and booktalk assignment (English 2)

You should try to finish your SSR book by Friday, May 2. 
You will produce the following: 
1. An essay discussing theme for your book and details that support your thinking. Consider what literary devices the author uses to arrive at this theme. For example, a story of war might revolve around a theme of "People can do terrible things to each other." The author might use symbolic elements like light vs. darkness or metaphors to emphasize this theme. This essay should have a strong thesis and supporting details. Length should be at least two pages, typed. 
2. A visual presentation using technology where you give a booktalk to your classmates. This can be PowerPoint, Prezi, Animoto, etc. For things that use slides, I want at least 7 slides. For video-based presentations, I want at least 3 minutes. The booktalk should focus on a brief plot summary (without giving away the ending), setting, interesting characters (i.e. characterization), and why you'd recommend the book or not. ("If you like ________ and _________, then you'll like this book.")
3. You'll close your booktalk with a brief speech from one of the character's point of view. In other words, put yourself in their shoes and introduce yourself to the class. Talk about your life, what conflicts you face, your friends and enemies, etc. Include a quote from your character that helps us understand more about you, your motives, your interests, etc. You want your classmates to get to know you. Props or costuming might help. The more you become the character, the better. 
We'll present these things starting Monday, May 12.