Remediation Policies & Procedures

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Each student receives a scheduled 30 min remediation period each week to catch up on tests, make up projects and get help. I am also available before and after school by appointment.

Any student whose grade falls below 70% (North Carolina Career and Technical Education proficiency standard) is required to remediate for a 3 week period. Students must attend and are encouraged to bring their grade up well beyond the 70% minimum.Proficient students may attend other activities during smart time with permission from me after I have checked that they are all up to date with assignments and exams.

Students who do not pass the exam for any given standard must attend remediation until competency for that standard is demonstrated (70%).

Students who fall behind on projects must attend remediation until completed. This is necessary because students do not have access to the high-tech equipment and software in the graphic arts lab at home.

Students will make up tests during remediation as assigned. They will not miss class instruction to make up tests from an absence.

Students will arrive to remediation on time like any other class and will be held accountable for the same standards/consequences as any other class time. Remediation is a class and skipping it will result in a referral for a class cut. 

Students will bring their hall pass to get to special activities like club meetings. Passes must be provided by club sponsor, librarians, etc. They must check in with me before going to their club.

I make every effort to write down the specific assignments students should be working on and communicate that with them. Remediation continues even when I am absent from school. When in doubt of what to do, check your grades in Power School for missing work. Parents should contact me on this google form with specific questions.