Course Overview

Español I
Prerequisite:  None
This academic course introduces students to the Spanish language and Spanish speaking cultures.  Students learn to understand and to speak basic Spanish in order to communicate effectively in realistic situations.  The student progressively develops skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  This level is not recommended for Heritage speakers.
Español II 
Prerequisite:  Spanish I
This course continues and extends the four basic skills of listening/understanding, speaking, reading and writing in the Spanish language.  Students learn to increase their communication skills through expanded vocabulary and structure and to use Spanish for a greater variety of purposes.
Español III-Honors
Prerequisite:  Spanish II, high proficiency in Spanish II is recommended
This course builds on the grammar and vocabulary of Spanish I and II.  It continues to build students' ability to translate and communicate in the language.  Hispanic art, literature, culture and history are studied in more detail throughout the course.  Students will develop higher levels of thinking skills necessary to learn more complex grammar and a wider vocabulary.  Students will become more comfortable speaking the language.
Español IV-Honors
Prerequisite: Spanish III-H, high motivation to learn the language
This course continues to build on previous Spanish skills and grammar. Spanish literature and culture are explored more in depth.  Class instruction is primarily done in Spanish.  Students are expected to communicate in Spanish as much as possible during the class time.  Students will develop more complex thoughts related to a diverse topic of themes.
Español V-Honors
Prerequisite:  Spanish IV-H, high motivation to learn the language
This course is new to Enka.  It is designed for the self motivated student because it is an independent study class.  Students will be expected to complete assignments that are comparable to college level Spanish.  Students who enroll in this class understand the challenges of learning a second language and agree to put forth the effort needed to be successful.