English Department Policies
English Department Policies


The Enka High School English Department expects the best from our students.  To insure consistency in all grade levels and all English classes, each teacher expects each student to follow these policies:


Class attendance:  Students must be in class every single day.  The 90 day semester is not enough time to cover all that the North Carolina Standard Course of Study requires you to learn.  Therefore, teachers go over a great deal and there is much practice during class.  There is a strong correlation between attendance and grades. 


Homework:  Students are required to complete homework in each class.  Expect to have reading, writing, and vocabulary assignments.  Failure to do each assignment results in zeros in the grade book.  It is difficult to pass a class when one does not complete homework.


Make-up work: Students are responsible for any make up work if they are absent with a Code 1 (excused) blue note.  Students have 3 class days to make up any work missed in class while absent, with the following exceptions:

  • Long standing deadlines (projects or papers):  if the student is absent on the day a major assignment is due (deadlines announced in advanced- listed in syllabus, on class calendar, or on the board) the work must be turned in the day it is due. *Students must make arrangements to get it to school by the beginning of the English class period.

  • Announced tests: if the student is absent on the day of test, he/she must make up the test the day he/she returns to school.


Late-work: Students must meet all deadlines assigned. Any assignment that has had an established deadline (announced- like essays, projects, research papers, tests, presentations) must be handed in on the deadline day at the beginning of the class period. Late work will receive 50% credit (based on the quality of the work).  Work older than 2 weeks will not be accepted.


Novels and library use: Some of the literature we read is in the form of novels and other books (all available in the library). Students must check out books from the library in order to have materials for class.  It is the student’s responsibility to pay attention to library due dates.  He/she must renew the book if the class is still using the novel.  Furthermore, it is the student’s responsibility to pay any late fees incurred.


Semester portfolios and projects: In alignment with the North Carolina Graduation Project, students in all grade levels are required to complete a research project and a portfolio.  Students are responsible for keeping up with all work for these important products of English class.  Students must complete the project; however completion is not a guarantee of a passing grade.