English IV--British Literature, NC Graduation Project and lots of fun exploring universal themes of good vs. evil, love and marriage, war and peace, and mysteries of the mythical past and the unknown possibilities of the future through British literary works.
Theatre Arts Beginning, Intermediate and Proficient level-
Students will learn an overview of all aspects of theatre arts--acting, writing, movement, and technical aspects. Students in the upper level courses are required to perform in an outside production. We produce and perform a full length play in the Fall and the Spring musical during the second semester.
"Students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to develop an appreciation and understanding of theatre in relationship to themselves, their community and other communication media; and as an art form, as a career possiblility, as entertainment, and as a means to learn about, question, and celebrate life.

Oz 2014
Oz, class production Fall 2014 
Theatre Arts I
Theatre Arts I makes a "human machine"