Senior Parent Night

Senior Parent Night
Posted on 09/20/2019
Senior Parent Night

Seniors and their Parents are invited to an evening of relevant information on how to plan, apply and pay for college.  There will be a presentation at 6:00 in the Auditorium.  Presenters include:  Derwin Williams, Enka High School Counselor; Laura Misner, College Foundation of NC Regional Representative; Suzanne Gavenus, BCS Transition Specialist

Topics will include:

·Selecting colleges to apply to

·The college application process

·Paying for college:  Need-based financial aid (FAFSA)

·Paying for college:  Merit scholarships

·Residency Determination Service (required in-state tuition)

·Naviance:  our district’s new software for requesting transcripts, teacher recommendations and more

Before the presentation, there will be a workshop at 5:00 in the Media Center.  In this workshop, Laura Misner and Enka Counselors will assist you in completing Residency Determination (RDS) (required for in-state tuition) and the FSA ID (required to complete the FAFSA).  Both of these require personal information that we don’t keep here at the school.  If you plan to attend the workshop at 5:00 and receive free help with RDS and FAFSA, please bring the following:

·Laptop computer or tablet (your student’s school device will work fine)

·Student and Parent Personal Identifying Information (SSN, ARN, USCIS or TIN)

·Student and Parent filed federal and state taxes

·Student and Parent Driver’s License Number (if applicable)