Registration Info

Prior to their freshman year, each student at Enka High School is assigned to a staff member who meets with them on a regular basis.  We call this the Navigator program.   Students keep the same navigator group throughout high school, and our goal is for the same staff member to be their guide throughout their high school years.  Navigators meet for different activities during the month and enjoy bonding with the same group of students which encourages JET PRIDE and a sense of belonging.

Enka High School is proud to be one of the first high schools in Buncombe County to implement the Navigator program, which has proven to be an extremely successful endeavor. 

At the end of each school year, our staff works diligently to ensure that our students receive the proper guidance as they register for upcoming classes. Parents are asked to be in attendance during the registration process so they can assist in making the right decisions regarding their child's academic goals. You will be contacted by your child's Navigator at the end of each school year to meet for a registration conference. 

At Enka High School, we are committed to helping our students be the best they can be!