Natural Resources I


             Environmental and Natural Resources I is designed to assist students with a limited knowledge and background in natural resources to develop a solid foundation from which they can further their environmental and natural resources studies.

            The course introduces students to basic terminology that is used throughout the industry. In addition, students come to realize the interdependence of the environment, natural resources, wildlife, and mankind. The course has a strong science emphasis. The relationship between science, technology, and chemistry with environmental science, natural resources and conservation is a major component of the curriculum.

           The study of ecology, soils, water, air, and waste management afford students the opportunity to explore scientific management practices that affect the environment.

           Units of study on fisheries, wildlife, and forestry focus on ways to maximize benefits to humans while managing our natural resources. "Hands on" activities are suggested throughout the course so students can learn more directly about some of the job responsibilities associated with careers in the environmental and natural resources industry. Further, Environmental and Natural Resources I introduces students to the fundamentals of leadership and management. Students learn skills necessary for successful living and working in the natural resources industry and society.