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Hello, my name is Mr. Bass. I am excited to teach Biology.  My class is very hands on and we will go outside as much as possible.  I am married and have two children.  

Course Syllabus

            I am looking forward to an exciting semester in Biology with you and your child.  The course covers some extremely important and interesting information.  It will demand time, effort, and brainpower as we study everything from genetics to human body systems!

Parental Involvement

            In order for students to gain the most from Biology, parental involvement is a must.  I encourage you to ask your child about class activities, what their homework is, and when tests and quizzes are.  I also welcome and comments or concerns you may have regarding your child or my class.  Do no hesitate to e-mail or call.  My e-mail address is  and the school telephone number is 670-5000.  You may leave a message, and I will return your call as quickly as possible.

Grading System for Regular Biology

Tests = 40 %

Daily grades (homework, classwork, etc) = 20 %

Quizzes = 20 %

Labs = 20 %

Grading For Honors Biology

Test = 45 %
 Daily Grades = 15%
Quizzes = 20 %
Labs = 10 %



            Tests will be given two to four times per nine weeks to demonstrate a gain in knowledge.  Tests will include material discussed in class, supplementary material, and problems (worked in class, on worksheets, in textbook,etc.). Students are allowed to do test corrections for partial credit back. 



            Quizzes will be given on average of once a week.  Quizzes will be graded quickly and can be retaken the following day.  Students must let Mr. Bass know if they are planning on retaking their quiz by the end of the period in which it is graded.  Full credit will be given for retaken quizzes.



Trent S. Bass


Materials Necessary for Biology

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