Child Development

baby wearing
Parenting and Child Development prepares students for careers in the child development field. By learning about children's development our students are better able to understand children's behavior successfully. This course is an enhancement course for the Health Science pathway and a great class to take before taking EDU119 through distance learning or applying for Teacher Cadets.

In this course we:

Learn about the responsibilities of parents and readiness for parenting.

Study the prenatal stage from conception to birth. 

Study the physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth of children from birth to age six.

Practice infant care skills on real life baby dolls and compete in an infant care relay competition.

Learn guidance skills to shape moral development.

Make a toddler friendly meal in our Cooking with Kids project.

Learn about educational psychology and study specific psychologists who have made an impact on the field.

Create a lesson plan and activity materials based on a children's book.

Learn about child care options and careers in the child development field