Class Schedule

1st Semester
1st Period - Planning
2nd Period- Animal Science 2 
3rd Period - Horticulture 1 
4th Period - Animal Science 1 

2nd Semester
1st Period - Horticulture 2
2nd Period - Planning
3rd Period - Animal Science 1 
4th Period - Animal Science 1

Google Classroom Codes
1st: Planning
2nd: 7e76jg3
3rd: 5u27drt
4th: oyfdryl
Navigators: fpudgjp
Flowers grown in the greenhouse

Course Descriptions

Horticulture 1: The definition of Horticulture is the art or practice of garden cultivation and management. Topics in this class include Plant Anatomy, Plant Growth and Development, Properties of Soils, Nutrients and Fertilizers, Gardening, Pests and IPM. Students will apply these topics through working in our school greenhouse.  
Horticulture 1 Syllabus

Horticulture 2:  This class takes students beyond a basic understanding of plants into the development of skills that will assist them in obtaining a career in the horticulture industry. Topics in this class include Greenhouse Management, Nursery Management, Landscape Design, Turf and floral design. Students will not only have a crucial roll in greenhouse management, but will also participate in outdoor landscaping and gardening. 
Horticulture 2 Syllabus

Animal Science 1: This class introduces students to animal agriculture and the livestock industry. Topics in this class include careers in animal science, Animal Agriculture Terminology, Trait Selection and Quality Features of Animals, Economic Impact of Animal Agriculture, Animal Management and Animal Digestion and Reproduction. Students will gain hands on experience with animals through working at our school farm. Students will also have the opportunity to obtain the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals credential. 
Animal Science 1 Syllabus

Animal Science 2: This class goes beyond students basic understanding of agriculture animals, to providing them with the knowledge necessary to effectively manage livestock animals. Topics in this class include Anatomy and Physiology of Livestock Animals, Reproductive and Digestive Physiology, Livestock Management, Developing Rations, Evaluation and Processing Animals and the Harvesting Process for livestock. Students will manage the school farm through helping to maintain the facilities. Students will also have the opportunity to obtain the Beef Quality Assurance credential. 
Animal Science 2 Syllabus