Remote Learning Expectations

1. Communication is key! Please respond to emails within a 2 day period. 
2. Be on time for Video Conferencing sessions.
3. Ask if you need help! I cannot help you if I do not know you need help, so ask!
4. Turn in Assignments by the due date.
5. Give me feedback on how I can best support you as a student.
6. Have a positive attitude. I know this is a difficult time for everyone, but let's try to make our class time as positive as possible. 
7. Be patient with me. I am learning how to be a virtual teacher just as you are learning to be a virtual student. 
8. Give your best efforts. I promise to give you my best efforts so I expect you to do the same.
9. Let me know of ideas that you have that would make class time more enjoyable or would make you feel more engaged from a remote setting. 
10. Still follow school rules in the remote setting. (Dress code on video conferences, appropriate language in assignments, etc.)