Every student in every agriculture class will be required to have a Supervised Agriculture Experience or SAE. This project requires students to get 20 hours of hands-on experience in agriculture, outside of class time. Whether the student works at a grocery store or works directly on a farm, in both cases they are engaging in agriculture. Agriculture is not just farming, but now also involves science, technology and engineering. The goal of this project is for students to get some hands on experience that could assist them in obtaining a career in the future. A key component of this project is career exploration, so students can use this project to explore possible careers. Encourage your students to talk with their agriculture teacher about what can count towards their SAE hours. Some examples of possible SAE's would be working a job, volunteering, conducting an experiment, Feeding and caring for an animal or plant or improving an area such as a home or landscape. 

Students will log there SAE hours through a system called the Agriculture Experience Tracker or AET. All students will be given a login at the beginning of the semester to this site. Through this site students will be able to upload pictures of their experience and define goals for their project. Students will also be able to track there progress in order to have a record of their time to showcase to a potential employer.

A new model for these projects has been adopted known as "SAE For All". What "SAE for all" means is that every student can have an SAE projects. Students should pick a project that peeks their interest. The key to this project is that students get to choose what to do for their project as long as it is approved by the instructor. Each student will have an opportunity to sit down and discuss with their instructor about what they can do for their project.