Bottoms, Denise

Math Teacher

I'm Ms. BottomsDenise Bottoms and this is my 7th year at Enka High School (and my 15th year teaching.) I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Accounting and a Master's degree in Education.

We will set expectations for Remote Learning during the "Meet the Teacher" Zoom meeting. If you are unable to attend, I will post a recording of the meeting in Google Classroom, as well as a document with the relevant information. 
If you still  have questions after the Zoom meeting, feel free to email me.

2020--20219 Teaching Schedule                   Google Classrooom Code          Class Zoom Time:
Fall:  Math 2 (2nd Period)                                           qpw5mse 10:00 am
         Math 3 (3rd Period)                                             erf5t3f                                  12:00 noon
         Math 2 (4th Period)                                             zua2ujm                                 1:00 pm          
Spring:  Math 3 (1st Period)           
              Math 4 (3rd Period)

              Math 4 Honors (4th Period)

Office Hours Fall 2020:  2:00 to 3:30 pm

Teacher Introduction