Computer Lab Rules

Rules & Computer Lab Procedures


Ø Respect Others

Ø Respect Equipment

Ø No Food or Drink Around Computers

Ø Work Independently

Ø Stay on Task

Ø No Cell Phones
Ø Follow School Rules
Internet Use and Taking Care of Equipment: 

Ø Use of the Internet is limited to classroom activities-it is for research, not for personal surfing or checking personal email.


Ø Do not access any proxy servers to get to My Space or Facebook. If found on these websites, internet privileges will be revoked by the county office.


Ø Never install programs/games on hard drives or erase files/change settings on the computers.

Ø Keep work area clean.
Ø Cheating will NOT be tolerated. All parties involved will receive a zero on the assignment.
ØDamage to equipment will not be tolerated.  Discipline is covered by school policies.