Apparel and Textiles 1

This course focuses on the areas of design, textiles and apparel engineering.  Emphasis is placed on students applying these design and engineering skills to create and produce apparel products. Art, literacy, mathematics, and science are reinforced. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include service learning and job shadowing. Apprenticeship and Cooperative education are not available for this course. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) competitive events, community service, and leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences.

1.00  Understand the apparel industry and design

  • 1.01  Remember the apparel industry
  • 1.02  Understand apparel design 

 2.00  Understand textiles

  •  2.01  Understand fibers, fabrics, and finishes
  • 2.02  Understand care of textile products               

3.00 Understand apparel engineering

  • 3.01 Understand body measurements, sizing and patterns
  •  3.02  Understand tools and equipment
  • 3.03 Understand engineering and construction