Food & Nutrition 1

1.00  Understand the relationship between food choices and health.

  • 1.01   Remember influences on food choices.
  • 1.02   Understand guidelines for healthful food preparation.

2.00   Understand fundamentals of food preparation.

  • 2.01   Understand kitchen safety.
  • 2.02   Understand safe food handling procedures.
  • 2.03    Remember equipment and procedures for its use and care.
  • 2.04    Remember measuring, cutting/preparation, mixing, and cooking/cleaning terms.
  • 2.05    Remember recipe parts, sources, and adjustments.
  • 2.06     Understand processes and benefits of a work plan and teamwork for preparing healthy foods.

3.00  Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in food preparation.

  • 3.01  Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in fruit and vegetable preparation.
  • 3.02  Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in dairy preparation.
  • 3.03   Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in grain preparation.
  • 3.04  Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in protein preparation.

4.00 Understand procedures, equipment, and techniques applied to baking production.

  • 4.01  Understand procedures to prepare quick bread products.
  • 4.02   Understand procedures to prepare yeast bread products.
  • 4.03   Understand procedures to prepare cakes and frostings. (SUPPLEMENTAL)

5.00  Understand the principles of etiquette for meal service.

  • 5.01  Understand the principles of basic table setting and meal service.
  • 5.02   Understand the principles of table manners.

6.00        Apply methods for meal planning and preparation.

  • 6.01  Understand strategies in meal planning.
  • 6.02   Understand strategies for purchasing food.
  • 6.03    Apply methods to prepare healthy meals.


 This course is designed to simulate a comprehensive experience of the business of fashion. The experience should bring alive the economics, distribution, promotion, and retail of fashion. The topics of study include the fundamentals of fashion,  fashion merchandising,  forecasting of fashion, and essential strategies of promoting and selling fashion. Upon completion of the course, students should be ready for the retail of fashion at the entry level of work or post-secondary education.