Course Description

Art I: Beginning

            Art I is an introductory survey of the visual arts.  Each art I student will have the opportunity to explore many different two-dimensional media such as tempera paint, watercolor, charcoal, oil pastel, colored pencil, printmaking and mixed media.  The Art I student will also work in three-dimensions and explore an assigned media in a sculptural form. 

            An emphasis will be placed on understanding the importance and learning how to recognize and use the elements of art and principles of design.  Assignments at this level will be highly teacher directed and will emphasize creative thinking skills and problem solving.


Art II: Intermediate

            Art II is a second level Visual Arts course. Art II builds on the student's technical skills and foundations developed in Art I but with much of the emphasis on refining drawing and painting skills. The study of the elements of art and principles of design, color theory, vocabulary, and art history continues in Art II but with more emphasis on problem solving, independent choices, and personal solutions. The approach to art experiences is less experimental and based more on informed choices.


Honors Level Visual Arts

Art III: Proficient

A highly individualized study, requiring that students play a large role in setting the educational goals that are necessary for continued growth in the visual arts. Students will work at their own pace while learning to manage their time and complete a selection of assignments each grading period.  Included is use of more difficult media, execution of large work, critique and preparation for exhibition. 


Art IV: Advanced

Students will learn to develop an individual plan of study; produce works on a more advanced level in drawing, painting, still life, mixed media/collage, figure drawing and portraiture. Students desiring to enroll should indicate intent to pursue college level art study or a career in an art related field.  There will be a major emphasis on the development of a portfolio, which will deal with well-developed themes, suitable for college applications.