Sketchbook Assignments

Art II: Intermediate -  Sketchbook Assignments  

  1. Half magazine face (to be done in class)
  2. Junk food with wrapper.
  3. Fantasy hand.
  4. A crushed soda can
  5. Draw 3 pieces of silverware arranged in a good composition.
  6. Draw the same small object 3 x using a different shading method(stippling, crosshatching, and blending)
  7. Create a drawing inside a silhouette
  8. Fruit or vegetable from 3 points of view
  9. Draw your own eyes…use a mirror for reference.
  10. Pop art an object 4 variations.
  11. Do a reproduction of a famous painting or masterwork.
  12. Your tennis shoes from a ¾ view.
  13. A zoomed in drawing of a flower…use the entire page.
  14. Design a tattoo for someone particular – a celebrity, teacher, etc.
  15. Create a drawing based on your favorite song and include some of the lyrics
  16. Flower mash up - Combine two images of a flower from a magazine and draw it
  17. Set up a still life of three very different objects and draw it
  18. Self portrait


**ALL assignments should be shaded or colored and use 70% of the page.

** I will not accept any loose leaf sheets of paper…they must be in your sketchbook.

** Each assignment is new on Monday and to be turned in the following Monday.