Course Overview

English I Class Materials List:
  • Writing supplies; pens and pencils. 
  • Paper and a three ring binder with at least 4 dividers and paper. You may use the binder for my class for other classes as well.
  • A flash/USB drive is strongly recommended for high school in general.
  • An open mind that is ready to work to achieve new things.
  • A cooperative attitude.


English I Pacing Guide

 I have organized the English I curriculum along thematic lines.  The themes are very broad and universal as is the class.  I plan to use the following syllabus, but titles and dates may change.

 Short Story Theme-Based Plan using Backwards Design

Unit 1: Success ~2 Weeks

Grammar: Parts of speech review

Terms: Review Plot, character/characterization, simile, metaphor

Non-Fiction: Carolyn Quan Essay, Andrew Carnegie, other success articles

Unit 2: Identity~2 Weeks

EQ – How do interactions with others influence who we are?

Grammar: Capitalization, punctuation

Terms: Genre, Magical Realism, Fantasy

Stories- Two Kinds, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

Poems – Digging, Theme for English B, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, We Wear the Mask, Maybe Dats your Pwoblem Too

Non-fiction: Peer Pressure articles, I Have a Dream, Article from Scientific American (peer v. parent influence)

Unit 3: Stuff~3 Weeks

EQ- How do material things control us?

Grammar: Comma splice, run-ons

Terms: Autobiography, memoir, author purpose, imagery, theme, symbol, irony

Stories – Gift of the Magi, The Necklace

Nonfiction – Life without Go-Go Boots, Nickle & Dimed, Economy Crisis articles

Poems – Oranges, Luxury

Music: Wings by Macklemore, Various

Unit 4: Death~8 Weeks

EQ – How do we deal with loss?

Grammar: S-V Agreement, tense shifts

Terms: Tone, Mood, Dramatic Irony

Stories: Scarlet Ibis, Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird

Nonfiction: Angela’s Ashes, Unfinished Business

Poems: Chimney Sweep, Grape Sherbert, Incident in a Rose Garden, When Death Comes, Death Be Not Proud

Unit 5: Struggles & Obstacles with Parents~7 Weeks

EQ – How does the parent/child relationship shape who you become?

Stories: Marigolds R&J, TKM

Nonfiction: Black Boy

 Poems: Lineage, The Courage that my Mother Had, Hanging Fire, Mother to Son

Unit 6: Violence~3 Weeks

EQ- How do acts of violence affect all involved?

Grammar: Review

Terms: Review

Learning targets/skills: Review for Exam

Short Stories: An Utterly Perfect Murder, Where have you Gone Charming Billy, The Sniper

Poems: Road Not Taken, Death of the Ball Turret, Dulce et Decorum Est 

We will also be covering vocabulary and EOC prep/strategies, as well as a 
3-page freshmen research paper.

I am very excited about this year and my organization of works.  I hope that the students will enjoy it as well. 


English IV Supply List: 
  • Writing supplies; pens and pencils. 
  • Paper and a way to stay organized, such as a 3-ring binder. You may use the binder for my class for other classes as well.
  • A flash/USB drive-not required but recommended.
  • An open mind that is ready to work to achieve new things.
  • A cooperative attitude.
  • Junior Project and Graduation Project needs include a 2 inch or larger binder, page protectors, and computer access.  
  • A calendar or other way to keep deadlines in order.
English IV-H
Pacing guide coming soon.
I have decided to begin with Beowulf and work forward in time this semester. The honors summer reading essay will take place on the second day of class.
Other major works include Lord of the Flies, Frankenstein, Macbeth, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.