Extra Credit Options

How to Earn Extra Credit in Mr. Hunsicker’s Class

Do all your work to the best of your ability and turn it in and you probably will not need any extra credit, but in case you do here is how to earn it:


  1. Perform a poem: Select and memorize a poem of your choosing.  Perform it for the class or Mr. H. before school, on Enka Fan Friday in the media center, or for the class.  Receive up to 12 points depending on the length and difficulty of the poem.
  2. Bring in a song that connects with our current units in class. Bring in the lyrics, edited if needed, and write a paragraph explaining what connections you have established between our class and the song. Earn up to 10 points.
  3. Find your vocab words in your world. Bring in a vocabulary word from your reading or elsewhere, share it with me and give the definition. Get 1 point.
  4. Find grammatical mistakes. Show me an example of a grammatical error in a place where it should not be found, state how to fix the error, and get 2 points.
    1.      For 3 and 4, social media and other exclusions apply.