AP USH Schedule

Advanced Placement United States History

AP US History Course Schedule, Revised 8/10/20

NOTE!  Keep up with this schedule!  This is your guide to what is expected of you each day in class, whether you are present or not!  I will also post a copy of this schedule in the classroom, but it is your responsibility to make sure that you are on schedule.

NOTE!  Complete the indicated assignment for the class day indicated below, and be prepared for the essay exam on the assigned material on the date indicated.

NOTE!  In the event that school is cancelled due to weather, the posted schedule of assignments and exams will not change.  Because the AP Exam does not move back, I don't have the luxury of "shifting the schedule," so be ready for the assignment or assessment posted for the date that we return to class.  I will often post up special instructions or an occasional "take-home assignment" in the event of cancellation, but I will not alter it otherwise.  Again, it's your responsibility to keep up with the schedule even when school is out.  I have also created a Google Classroom page for this class that redirects to this page, but in the event of virtual days will also be a place where I will post additional resources and instructions.  The join codes are posted below under Daily Schedule.

Key to Abbreviations Below:

Kennedy = American Pageant, 16th Edition

Here is a brief guide to the Concepts, Terms and Nomenclature that Drive AP US History.  Check it out, it is very helpful.

See the Assessment Index linked under Assignment / Assessment below for all of the possible terms and essay prompts that students are accountable for on exam days.

See the Course Policies Page for study / preparation strategies and information about re-tests.
Daily Schedule, Fall Semester 2020
Please watch this space for updates regarding our semester schedule (i.e. transitions from Plan B to Plan A).  Otherwise, the best way to keep up with day-to-day assignments and posting is to check our Google Classroom page each morning:

1st period join code: v2m2otx
2nd period join code: ippoz5h