World History Schedule and Study Guides

World History, Spring 2019
Course Schedule  

NOTE: Students are responsible for following and keeping up with the daily schedule.  In the event of absence, students should use this schedule to stay current with assignments.  When you are absent from class, please send me an email at to let me know the reason for your absence.  I am glad to help with make-up work or to provide assignments ahead of time for anticipated absences. 
NOTE: In the event that school is cancelled due to weather, you should check this page for updates, take-home assignments or revisions.  It is your responsibility to be prepared for class when school resumes!  Plan ahead, anticipate obstacles, and succeed!
NOTE: Here is an On-Line Version of a much more detailed and in-depth World History textbook.  You can use this at home or on your mobile device to dig deeper into the topics covered in our course.  There are lots of cool interactive elements woven into this text, and you will find it an excellent resource for maps, images and diagrams related to what you are studying.

NOTE: Here is a digital version of your paperback 
World History textbook.  Please download this PDF onto the desktop of your BCS device so that you can access the text off-line when an Internet connection is not available. 


Daily Schedule, Spring 2019


Unit / Chapter Topic(s)

Assignment Due
SG = Study Guide


W, 1/23

Chapter 1: Early Humans

Here is a digital version of your World History textbook.  Please download this text as a PDF onto the desktop of your BCS device so that you can access the text off-line when an Internet connection is not available. 

Chapter 1 SG
Click on the link above for an MS Word version of your Study Guide for this Chapter. Please save it to your BCS device so that you can work off-line when an Internet connection is not available.

Your Study Guide is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, 1/23.

Follow the directions on the Study Guide for helpful study hints and time-management tips.

R, 1/24



Chapter 1 Exam

W, 1/30

Chapter 2: First Civilizations

Chapter 2 SG


R, 1/31



Chapter 2 Exam

W, 2/6

Chapters 3-4: Ancient India and Greece

Chapter 3-4 SG


R, 2/7



Chapter 3-4 Exam

W, 2/13

Chapter 5: Ancient Rome

Chapter 5 SG


R, 2/14



Chapter 5 Exam

W, 2/20

Chapters 6-7: Islamic Civilization and Africa

Chapter 6-7 SG


R, 2/21



Chapter 6-7 Exam


Unit / Chapter Topic(s)

Assignment Due


W, 2/27

Chapters 8-9: Dark Ages Asia and Europe

Chapter 8-9 SG


R, 2/28



Chapter 8-9 Exam

W, 3/6

Chapter 10: Europe in the Middle Ages

Chapter 10 SG


R, 3/7



Chapter 10 Exam

W, 3/13

Chapter 12: Renaissance Europe

Chapter 12 SG


R, 3/14



Chapter 12 Exam

W, 3/20

Chapters 11 and 13: The Americas

Chapters 11 and 13 SG


R, 3/21

1st 9 Weeks Benchmark Exam


40 Question Exam(Here are all of the questions. Review them in preparation for the exam.)

Chapters 11 and 13 Exam

1st 9 Weeks Exam



Unit / Chapter Topic(s)

Assignment Due

SG= Study Guide


W, 3/27

Chapter 14: Nation States and Absolutism

Chapter 14 SG





Chapter 14 Exam

(40 Question Test) 
   MID-TERM Exam

W, 4/3

Chapter 17: The Enlightenment

Chapter 17 SG





Chapter 17 Exam

W, 4/10

Chapters 18: French Revolution & Napoleon

Chapters 18 SG





Chapter 18 Exam

W, 4/24

Chapters 19-20: Industrial Revolution

Chapters 19-20 SG





Chapters 19-20 Exam

W, 5/1

Chapters 21-22: European Imperialism

Chapters 21-22 SG





Chapters 21-22 Exam

W, 5/8

Chapter 23: World War One & Russian Revolution

Chapter 23 SG





Chapter 23 Exam

W, 5/15

Chapters 25-26: World War Two

Chapters 25-26 SG





Chapters 25-26 Exam

W, 5/22

Chapters 27-28: The Cold War

Chapters 27-28 SG





Chapters 27-28 Exam

W, 5/29

Chapter 29-30: The Post-War World

Chapter 29-30 SG





Chapter 29-30 Exam

W, 6/11

Last Day for Students








 Parents and Students,


Welcome to World History with Mr. Jones.  This semester, you can expect:

1. homework on a daily basis (most of which will be reading and studying).  Study Guides are due each Wednesday.

2. an exam every Thursday
that will required open-ended, short essay responses supported by specific factual evidence.

3. a
challenging world civilization course that is NOT a rehash of middle school social studies, but rather an in-depth study of forces that shape human interaction and progress.  In high school, we examine the hidden complexity behind the things that students think they already know.

4. a
writing-intensive course that emphasizes literacy-skills as well as quantitative reasoning as the cornerstones of a quality education.

5. individualized feedback, academic intervention and advisement aimed at helping each student reach their fullest intellectual potential.

6. a mastery-based grading model
that combines high expectations with multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery.

7. a well-disciplined and orderly classroom atmosphere
where students will be held accountable for their behavior.

8. an atmosphere of free inquiry, open dialogue and mutual respect
where students can grow into mature, confident adults.    

Supplies Needed for World History:

1) a designated loose-leaf, 3-ring notebook or binder; 2) loose-leaf paper; 3) pen and pencil.  

I really enjoy teaching World History, and I especially enjoy working with 9th graders.  This is a unique moment in the lives of our students when they are discovering their academic potential and making decisions about their future.  I look forward to working with you to help them make this important transition to high school.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Doug Jones
Phone: 828.670.5000