Vocabulary 1

English 1
Bereave (verb) - to mourn the loss of something or someone
Infernal (adjective) - awful
Kin (noun) - one's relatives; family
Remorse (noun) - bitter regret
Maxim (noun) - a common saying
Arrogant (adjective) - overwhelmingly proud
Vanquish (verb) - to defeat someone in battle
Raucously (adverb) - loudly
Covet (verb) - to desire wrongly
Elaborate (adjective) - complex, detailed
Void (noun) - an empty space
Ritual (noun) - a ceremonial act or series of acts
Devious (adjective) - shifty, not straightforward
Contend (verb) - to compete
Succumb (verb) - to give up or give in; to yield

English 2

credence (n) - belief, trust
impassive (adj) - revealing no emotion; expressionless
indignation (n) - anger caused by something mean or unjust
din (n) - loud, confused noise
indifferent (adj) - having no particular interest or concern
disparage (v) - to put down, to belittle
paltry (adj) - insignificant, almost worthless
indulgence (n) - a giving in to someone's wishes or desires
candid (adj) - blunt, frank, straightforward
convention (n) - a social custom or norm
inextricably (adv) - in a way that one cannot get out of 
reprehensible (adj) - deserving of blame
assert (v) - to express forcefully and positively 
tranquilly (adv) - calmly, peacefully 
maxim (n) - a common saying