Vocabulary 14

English 1 standard
Quarantine (v) - to isolate something or someone, often to stop the spread of disease
Quota (n) - a prescribed number
Stereotype (n) - a conventional or formulaic representation or conception
Virtuoso (n) - someone who is dazzling skilled in a given field 
Enthusiastic (adj) - having or showing great excitement and interest
Despondent (adj) - without hope 
Commemorate (v) - to call to remembrance or keep alive the memory of something
Accentuate (v) - to stress, to single out as important
Heritage (n) - that which is inherited
Introspection (n) - the contemplation of your own thoughts, desires, and conduct

English 1 honors
Incorrigible (adj) - Bad beyond recognition or reform
Opaque (adj) - not transparent, impenetrable to light
Paramount (adj) - chief in importance, supreme
Prattle (v) - to talk in a foolish or simple-minded way
Latent (adj) - present but not visible, apparent, or actualized; existing in potential
Catalyst (n) - something that causes activity or precipitates a change
Exorbitant (adj) - highly excessive
Pensive (adj) - dreamily or wistfully thoughtful
Sprightly (adj) - lively, animated, vivacious 
Tirade (n) - a long, vehement speech