Morgan, Megan

Welcome to my Classroom!

Morgan 2017

Megan L. Morgan

English Instructor

Enka Alumni Class of ‘99

B.A. in Literature and Education, UNC-Asheville Class of '03

Currently pursuing Masters of Educational Leadership, Gardner-Webb, projected May 2021

Spring 2021 Schedule

1st Period: Planning

2nd Period: English II Honors

3rd Period: English II Honors

4th Period: English II

Click the link below for a welcome video from inside Mrs. Morgan's classroom. Welcome, students!
A word from Mrs. Morgan:

I was recently asked to speak to a group of new teachers and relay what I've gleaned over the past seventeen years in the classroom. Inspiration came from the poster behind my desk, which boldly states, "Let Your Light Shine." A personal motto of mine, I aim to illuminate those around whenever I can, so I turned SHINE into a little acronym:

Smile. There's such power in positivity, and most days, you'll see me greeting my students as they walk in the door and engaging others as I travel the halls. In this world that can sometimes be so mean, I know full well that I might be the only bright spot in a student's day, so I try to maintain a spirit of kindness. 

Home-like atmosphere. This doesn't mean every classroom needs a sofa (though teenagers gravitate toward the reading nooks), but rather an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. This is done through understanding and respecting differences and using positive language. Rae Sremmurd has a "No Flex Zone." Well, I call my classroom a "No Hate Zone." Of course, I sing it. I even created a fun virtual classroom so students feel welcome while learning at their own homes!

Influence. There are days when my lessons aren't going to be A-game material. Technology might not cooperate, the fire drill might interrupt, or I might not even know the answers. However, students are still learning from me and how I deal with the unexpected, unfortunate or unfair. The influence of an educator reaches far beyond the curriculum. My hope is that they step away knowing how to use a semi-colon or analyze the author’s tone, but even more so that students are a little closer to finding their niche after our experiences together.

Network. This one has two meanings: physical proximity and relationship cultivation. Circulating around the room and keeping students busy is my best classroom management strategy. After all, if they’re engaged the entire period and I’m there to ensure they stay on task, there’s little time to create trouble, right? This type of nearness is a challenge when we’re social distancing, so let’s focus on the other side for now. It’s important to create a relationship with students. If they truly believe they’re cared about, they won’t be bothered by the fact that the work is hard. Instead, they’ll see their own potential, dive in, and grow.

Expectations. Throughout the school year, I learn more and more about my students, and I realize just what some of them are having to endure outside of school, especially during the uncertainty of a pandemic. I have to remind myself, however, that compassion and high-expectations aren't mutually exclusive. If I make sure the bar is high, my students are better prepared for whatever life has in store.

What a blessing to be shining in the school where I graduated in 1999, and in the very same classroom my mom commandeered years ago. The students on my roster are there for a reason, and I'm just as eager to learn from them as they are from me. Please peruse my website to find out all of the exciting things going on in room D-104, and feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, and especially kudos. Here’s to another great school year!