Course Overview

Mrs. Sellers

The Career Development Coordinator (CDC) helps 
coordinate student activities in Career and Technical Education (CTE) to help the students make a smooth transition from education to work or to post-secondary education.  


The Career Development Coordinator's responsibilities are: 

To work collaboratively with administrators, student service  personnel, and teachers to ensure the delivery of career development services both at the high school and the middle school

Verify all CTE students' Diploma Type, Career Pathways & Career Clusters

Curriculum Instructional Management Coordinator (CIMC) for CTE classes

Work-Based Learning Coordinator for Internships

Liaison between school, business, industry, military and community colleges

Promote and publicize Career-Technical Education

Promote RACE - students who have earned college articulation credit in their CTE classes

Promote Career & Technical Education Honor Society

School CTE Post Assessment and Elements Coordinator

Special Populations Coordinator (SPC) for CTE classes

Provide students with information about job opportunities in the community

Coordinate career assessments for grades 8-12