Woodard, David

Enka High String Orchestra
Monday EHS -Feb 27 March 3rd Enka High Students need to Turn in All-County Orchestra Registration Packets & pay $7.50 for pre-Concert Chick-fil-a / Veg. wrap meal (indicate they wish to bring their own food) by Tuesday 2/28 in order to be signed up to attend Sectional March 6th and actual Clinic April 3-4. (See links to music recordings below)

Recommendations were based on pass-offs during the last 2 weeks and turning in commitment / field trip permission forms.  Those not receiving a packet, who may be interested in participating, please have a parent email david.woodard@bcsemail.org  ASAP

We will continue working through sheet music in your Folders to be used in the All-County Clinic and possibly in our own Enka Orchestra concert/s: https://youtu.be/kynYcqwyT-I
more are below

Playing Scales in Tune:


 I will work through reviewing (Review Hook Bowing & Staccato concepts initially taught on pp 40-41 of EE Book I)
 Book II Assignments: 
1. A Major Scale & Arpeggio using page 12 (3 Sharps F#, C#, & G#. see fingering Yellow Boxes) #48-55,
Reviewing #60-D Maj in round, & related exercises on pp.14 & 15 in those Keys that students should practice. #64- A major arpeggio.  Musical application 65-66
2. Sixteenth Notes: EE Book II: #67-91.

Review where necessary:
2. G Major Scale & Arpeggio using #10 & 11 as well as related exercises on pp.4-5 in that key that students should practice. 

3. C Major Scale & Arpeggio (Review EE Book I - pp.34-37)  EE Bk II pp.6-7

(note Dynamics Pyramid on p.5.)

Rhythmic Concepts to Practice & Know:

 Musical Applications - Sheet Music- All County Music in Your Folder.:
Click to hear recordings:

Please keep in mind we have multiple grades and ability levels in String Classes, especially at the high school where 4 grades are in one class with beginners - 6th year player initially enrolled in One Class.